Jon Turgeons Fahrzeug (#1799)

We imported a 1988 Mercedes Benz 1120 AF into the USA for an expedition truck build. We have used a fiberglass/foam composite bow and other than the welding it is completely DIY. The build is currently not 100% finished. Things like the cab roof rack, entry grab bar, sand tracks mount, plumbing the second fuel tank and heating system install are left.

Allgemeine Angaben

Fahrzeughersteller und Typ Mercedes Benz 1120 AF
Name des Halters Vermonster
Land der Zulassung USA
Baujahr 1988 but the camper box is all new
Fahrzeug steht zum Verkauf? Nein


Motortyp Mercedes OM366LA
Hubraum ~6 Liters
Zylinderzahl 6
Motorleistung in PS 204


Radformel (4x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8) 4x4
Radstand 12'
Anzahl der zugelassenen Sitze 2
Reifengröße 385/65 R22.5
Felgen Single 22.5
Reifenart General Tire Grabber OA
Tankkapazität 100 gallons
Dieselfilter Ja
Allrad zuschaltbar oder permanent Permanent
Differenzialsperren Rear and Center


Aufbauhersteller Self Build using a Total Composites box
Kabinenmaße (Innen) 16.5' x 7.4'
Kabinenmaße Abmessungen (außen) 17'x7.9'
Material der Kabine Fiberglass/Foam composite
Art und Stärke der Dämmung 2
Anzahl der Schlafplätze 1
Fenster 4
Zwischenrahmen Rail on self design and build


Erläuterung Grundriss
Optimized for a couple with seating forward and fixed queen bed aft. My wife and I have lived/sailed on a sailboat for the last 20 years. This truck is our new home as we recently completed a sailing trip around the world and decided we wanted to go around again, this time by land.


Material des Möbelbaus Honeycomb cored fiberglass skinned walls, maple/walnut furniture
All walls and furniture were built in place and Sika 252'd to the walls. The major interior bulkheads are 30mm fiberglass/honeycomb composite. The floor plan was designed so that as close as possible to the center there were floor to ceiling walls to support the roof panel and side walls. The edges of these panels were routed out and Sika'd to poplar cleats on the floor/walls and ceiling. So no visible aluminum extrusions in the corners. The counters are all solid surface LG HiMacs.


Kocher Dometic CU434 Propane
Gasinstallation 12.2 gallon fixed tank

Kühlschrank, Kühlbox

Hersteller und Typ des Kühlschrank Indel Drink 130/Dometic CFX40


Stromspannung im Chassis 24v
Stromspannung im Aufbau 12v
Ladewandler 24-12V Sterling DC to DC 24v to 12v
110V / 230V im Aufbau? Ja
Wechselrichter Renogy 2000w pure sign wave inverter charger

Batteriekapazität im Aufbau

Batteriekapazität im Aufbau 400ah at 12v
Batterietyp LifePO4
Batterieladegerät für Aufbaubatterien Renogy 2000w pure sign wave inverter charger
Batterieüberwachung Thornwave Labs
The batteries are 16 3.2v prismatic LifePO4 cells. They are connected in a 4P4S configuration. Total capacity it 400ah at 12v. The weight/space savings with these batteries is great compared to wet cell technology.


Solarkapazität 1,000 watts
Solarregler 2x Epever 4512
Brennstoffzelle Nein
Generator Portable Honda 2kw petrol
We have 5 200watt solar panels split into 2 separate banks.


Hersteller und Typ der Heizung Webasto TL17
Warmwasseraufbereitung Webasto TL17
In addition to the Webasto diesel furnace we have a Coleman Polar Cub rooftop air conditioner with an electric heating strip.


Erläuterung Gasanlage
We have a fixed mount 12.2 gallon propane tank mounted in the rear driver's side storage box.


Wasserfiltersystem Dual cartidge with UV Sterilizer
Volumen der Frischwassertanks 100 gallons
Volumen der Abwassertanks 30 Gallon Gray Water
Both the fresh and gray tanks are custom welded 1/2" polypropylene. For the fresh water we have a Votronic tank level monitor. We have a Splendide clothes washer/dryer installed beneath the bed.


Hersteller und Art der Toilette Airhead
Kapazität Fäkalientank Composting so no black tank
So far the composting head has been pretty nice, for us I think it was the best choice.


Heckträger Self build motorcycle/spare tire rack
Dachgepäckträger none
Stauboxen self build 14 gauge steel
Außenkochstelle portable propane BBQ
Markise ARB 2.5mx2.5m
The motorcycle/tire carrier is a lifting platform. The power is provided by a small reversing 12v winch wired to the house bank. The motorcycle is a Kawasaki 250cc Super Sherpa.
Veröffentlicht 26.12.19 
Halter Jon Turgeon 
Aufrufe 9479 
Ausgefüllt 100% 
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