David Lawson's Fahrzeug (#1275)

As of this year, 2018, I'm six years from retirement and in very good health. My wife, and I, have traveled Europe and Central America, but have not explored North America beyond the east coast. This is our retirement plan. We special ordered the truck with the options we want. As of November 5th, the truck is ready for shipment. I am redesigning my water filtration system. I do not like the dependency on a pump for drinking water. I am testing a gravity operated system.

Allgemeine Angaben

Fahrzeughersteller und Typ Ford F-550 chassis cab
Land der Zulassung USA
Baujahr 2019
Fahrzeug steht zum Verkauf? Nein


Motortyp TurboDiesel
Hubraum 6.7 liters/406 cubic inches
Zylinderzahl 8
Motorleistung in PS 330 hp @ 2600 rpm
Drehmoment 750 ft-lb @ 2000 rpm


Radformel (4x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8) 4x4
Radstand 205 inches
Anzahl der zugelassenen Sitze 2
Reifengröße 285/70R19.5
Felgen 19.5 inches
Reifenart medium duty truck tires
Tankkapazität 26.5 gallon factory installed center tank and 100 gallon aux tank
Dieselfilter Ja
Factory wheels to be replaced with Rickson Wheel dual to single conversion wheels in the size shown. The truck has been ordered without the rear fuel tank. The auxiliary fuel tank will be incorporated into the habitation box and will be gravity operated.
Allrad zuschaltbar oder permanent manual 4 wheel drive
Differenzialsperren Factory clutch style rear and Eaton eLocker manual front


Aufbauhersteller myself
Material der Kabine Steel frame with aluminum skin
Anzahl der Schlafplätze one
Zwischenrahmen rail on rail


Stromspannung im Chassis 12 volt
Stromspannung im Aufbau 12 volt
110V / 230V im Aufbau? Ja

Batteriekapazität im Aufbau

Batterietyp lead acid 6 volt golf cart wired for 12 volt output
There are better batteries available, but the United States is littered with golf courses. Golf cart batteries are easy to find and are not prohibitively expensive.


Volumen der Frischwassertanks 100 gallons
Volumen der Abwassertanks 40 gallons
The truck was ordered without the rear fuel tank. This will be purchased, with mounting hardware, separately. None of the fuel system will be purchased for this tank. It will be converted into our heated gray water tank. It is more expensive this way, but it is factory fit to the frame and has a heavy skid plate.


Hersteller und Art der Toilette Thetford cassette
Veröffentlicht 20.10.18 
Halter David Lawson 
Aufrufe 531 
Ausgefüllt 56%